XLine Synthetic Longlines

The most durable, advanced helicopter longlines on the market. Available in 3,500lb / 6,250 lb / 10,600 lb WLLs


No more expensive hand-made covers with damage-prone zippers. Taeron Systems' proven, removable HEET™ termination is provides the highest quality, reusable and reconfigurable longline termination on the market.

HEET™ combines a rugged urethane rubber guard over the line ends, standard length or extended alloy shackles, and add-on options like the Taeron Fly Disc. HEET™ allows end hardware (lifting rings, hooks, electric swivels, etc.) to be changed out in minutes without messy extra hardware linkage components.

And the best part? The HEET™ termination is reusable over multiple life cycles of the line to save long-term costs, and interchangeable between 1/2" and 5/8" line sizes.