UltraLight Helicopter Cargo Net
UltraLight Helicopter Cargo Net
UltraLight Helicopter Cargo Net

UltraLight Helicopter Aerial Cargo Net (8-Sided) made with Dyneema®

Taeron UltraLight Cargo Nets are made with Dyneema® knotless netting. Dyneema® has a strength to weight ratio much higher than nylon or polyester fibre, reducing the bulk and weight of an equivalent net by over 50%.  Dyneema® fibre is also one of the most abrasion resistant fibres available, ensuring a long life when cared for in accordance with manufacturer's instructions.

UltraLight nets free up valuable payload, are much easier to handle, and save money in logistics costs due to their low weight.

UltraLight Nets feature:

  • Minimum 7:1 Safety Ratio in all textile components
  • Minimum 4:1 Safety Ratio in hardware components
  • No fibre water absorption
  • High endurance coated polyester rim/lanyard rope colour coded by WLL
  • Double locking snap hooks
  • Knotless netting for less mass and higher strength, fewer wear points
  • Easily patchable by lashed in panel
  • Full documentation & traceability
  • HD Carry Bag Included

*Assembly Design MBS dependent on design load case – refer to Product Manual

Dyneema® is a registered trademark owned by Royal DSM N.V.


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